1. Reminiscing about Croatia and where I’d rather be right now than in London with typical English summer weather and back at work! It’s hot and muggy, and work is exhausting me already! Can’t complain after such an amazing holiday though…


  2. Vatican City - Rome, Italy

    Today we conquered the Vatican and St Peters Cathedral - this is the view from the top of the dome some 500 steps later!


  3. Overnight ferry from Split, Croatia to Ancona, Italy.

    Beautiful sunset to see us off with wines on the deck, now we are in Italy and Rome bound! One more train ride to go.


  4. Pakleni Islands off from Hvar, Split

    We hired a small boat for the day yesterday and spent the whole day island hopping around the Pakleni Islands just out from the island of Hvar. From 9am-7pm we spent the day exploring the different coves and bays, swimming, sunbathing and drinking beers in the sun. Sometime we would dock at the small jetties out front of the island bars, and other times just anchor and swim off the boat. I still can’t get over how clear the water is! It was such a fantastic day and I never want to leave here!


  5. Hvar Old Town - Hvar Island, Croatia

    The beautiful crystal clear waters that I have been lucky enough to be swimming in the past week. This place is honestly paradise and I never want to leave!


  6. Old Town - Split, Croatia

    Getting lost in the old town narrow streets and alleyways of Split, Croatia. The hardest thing was deciding wether to go left or right when we came to an intersection as both ways looked so interesting and gorgeous! We just wandered around the other mornings or a couple of hours when it wasn’t quite beach whether, getting lost and finding cool places. These photos were all taken in the area of the Diocletian Palace which was originally built under the Roman Empire in 3AD. The arches you can see with more buildings on top were built later on when a need for more housing and more people was higher. When you look up you can often spot bullet holes in the walls, which remain from the recent war in Croatia with Serbia that didn’t end until the early 1990s.


  7. Amen to that!


  8. Split, Croatia

    Another tough day in paradise swimming in the bluest clearest waters, biking along coastal promenades and drinking beers and ciders in the sun. I never want to leave! Tomorrow we catch a one hour ferry to the island of Hvar where we are staying for 5 nights.


  9. suehor said: More photos please

    Haha will try! I take most of my photos on my canon though so can’t put them up.. Will try more iPhone photos too xx


  10. View of the city and sea from the top of the Bell Tower in the Diocletian Palace - Split, Croatia


  11. Plitvice National Park - Croatia

    We got up early today and got to the park by 9, to spend a full 6 hours walking around the most incredible lakes I have ever seen! The colours were so beautiful and the water so clear, it was just breathtaking. Finished up around 2pm and then made it to a local swimming spot at a riverbank where we swam and sunbathed (and slept!) off all our hard walking. Such a brilliant day!


  12. The rooftops of Budapest, Hungary from St Stephens Basilica

    The view is well worth the 300-something steps you have to climb and the €2 to get to the top of the dome. Incredible! I always think climbing cathedral towers is the best way to get a view of the city.


  13. Anker’t Ruin Bar - Budapest, Hungary

    The Jewish district of Budapest is full of all these incredible hidden ruin bars in the middle of courtyards of old derelict buildings. They are the coolest bars I have ever been to! Such awesome atmosphere, about €1-2 euro for a beer or wine, and often a food bar that serves up BBQ meals like burgers, kebabs, chicken wings etc for a whole €3-5! You can’t go wrong with these places - just got to look and find them coz they are so easy to walk past on the street!


  14. Panorama from the Chain Bridge - Budapest, Hungary


  15. Zoo Lates - London Zoo - Regents Park, London

    Went to Zoo Lates last night which is this cool summer festival type thing at London Zoo during June on Friday nights. Basically a big Party in the zoo with all the animals, live music, food stalls and bars - and everyone gets dressed up like animals! Was really cool, and first time at London Zoo! I love summer nights.